Villages Along the River

Founded along the Koyukuk River in Alaska, K’oyitl’ots’ina, Limited (K Corp) is a leader in facility operations and maintenance, security, construction, and fire systems. We customize each of our programs for each contract to exactly fit with our clients’ quality assurance surveillance programs.

We are led by a seasoned management team, with a wide range of expertise in facility maintenance and the business behind it. Our extensive quality control program reflects our commitment to providing superior facility management services.

Our Mission

Under the K Corp umbrella, each subsidiary offers its own spectrum of services and advantages while benefiting from a common corporate management and support structure and higher-level administrative support. This lets field staff focus on providing services. Operational standardization is owned and administered by K Corp. The extensive depth of our corporate resources and our reach back capability guarantee continuing service should any adverse business conditions arise such as labor strikes, national emergencies, or natural disasters.

Projects in Twenty One States and Two Territories

Trusted Partners

K Corp continues to be the trusted leader for premiere services to top U.S. government departments and agencies.

Operations, maintenance, security, and fire protection systems services

High-end facility management and fire safety for government entities including the military and national laboratories.