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GSA O3FAC Contract

GSA Schedule 03FAC

The GSA Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule 03FAC Contract is a federal contract for companies in the facilities and energy management industries. The contract is frequently referred to as the Facilities Schedule or Schedule 03FAC.

Services that qualify for the GSA Facilities Schedule can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Buildings Systems Integration
  • Industrial, Aerospace, and Marine Coating Solutions
  • Facilities Maintenance and Management Solutions for Real Property
  • Dockside Facilities Maintenance, Repair Services, and Dry-Docking Solutions
  • Energy Management, Water Conservation, and Support Services

GSA Schedule 03FAC Sustainability Solutions

Energy management companies that can assist federal agencies in meeting sustainability goals should consider if the GSA Schedule 03FAC contract is right for their business. Companies can offer the following energy management services to the federal government through the GSA Schedule 03FAC Contract:

  • Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • Training on Energy Management
  • Metering Services
  • Energy Program Support Services
  • Building Commissioning Services
  • Energy Audit Services
  • Resource Efficiency Management (REM)
  • Innovations in Energy
  • Water Conservation

K Corp 03FAC Point of Contact
Ed Neilan
Vice President
Phone: 502-310-1106

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